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Game of Throws scares Masters of the Hole

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Winter has arrived for the Game of Throws, who demonstrated needle-like precision in their tosses last week at the Slackwater Brewing Cornhole League, sponsored by HEK Yeah Media.

Game of Throws gave Masters of the Hole a scare in the finale bowing 21-12, but they held the lead for a stretch.

“That was intense. I actually thought we lost it. They are hot, they are good,” says Jason of Masters of the Hole.

The action got a little heated between Team A-Maze-Ing (Steve on left) and Masters of the Hole. Jason, right, checked Steve into the wall, but Team A-Maze-Ing got the last laugh with the win.

It was a tougher week for the league’s best team, which took its first loss in a long time to Team A-Maze-Ing A.

“At least they lost one,” says Team A-Maze-Ing’s Cindy, interrupting Masters of the Hole’s post-game victory interview.

Game of Throws won four of their five games.

“I thought it was pretty good. We played pretty good,” says Kevin of Game of Throws. “The round robin game was pretty good. It was a good game tonight. The YouTube lessons paid off. These guys (Masters of the Hole) need to be knocked down a peg.” 

“They (Kristi and Kevin - Game of Throws) are both strong. These guys are unbelievably strong right now,” says Clint of Masters of the Hole. “I will have to say that this was not one of my finer performances tonight. Thankfully Jason was able to hold the reigns tonight. He came through at the end with an eight-point stop.”

Game scores:

G1: Team A-Maze-Ing: 21

       Masters of the Hole: 19

G2: Mandrea: 8

      Game of Throws: 21

G3: Cornpops: 21

       Why Not: 11

G4: Team A-Maze-Ing: 6

       Game of Throws: 21

G5: Masters of the Hole: 21

       Mandrea: 4

G6: Masters of the Hole: 21

       Cornpops: 3

G7: Game of Throws: 21

       Why Not: 1

G8: Game of Throws: 21

      Team A-Maze-Ing: 3

G9: Game of Throws: 12

      Masters of the Hole: 21

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