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Going for the pipe shot

Pipe shots. Pipe shots. And more pipe shots.

That was the theme last week during the Slackwater Brewing Cornhole League, sponsored by HEK Yeah Media.

The unwritten rule by players that they score 10 points if their shot over the pipe goes into the hole became an obsession. About six were made during the evening. Perhaps some players saw the comment by Game of Throws’ Kevin from the previous week.

“It’s an underutilized aspect of the game,” says Kevin. “If you’re down on the board, if you’re down by points, try it. I have seen it more than one time.”

What didn’t change at the end of the evening’s competition was the champion. Clint and Jason, who form Masters of the Hole, improved their record to 12-0 in the third season. They were 4-0 in week three as they defeated Team A-Maze-Ing 21-13. Before their victory, Steve of Team A-Maze-Ing put a dent into the lead with an incredible pipe shot. They really tested the champs.

Team A-Maze-Ing advanced to the final with a 2-1 record, their final win coming against Game of Throws, 21-17.

Other scores:

Masters of the Hole: 21

Mandrea: 8

Team A-Maze-Ing: 10

Game of Throws: 21

Why Not: 8

Team A-Maze-Ing B: 21

Masters of the Hole: 21

Game of Throws: 4

Mandrea: 1

Team A-Maze-Ing 21

Game of Throws: 21

Why Not: 0

Masters of the Hole: 21

Team A-Maze-Ing B: 7

Heading into the final week, in which the season’s big finale will be played, has Mandrea behind Masters of the Hole with five wins, followed by Game of Throws and Team A-Maze-Ing with four wins each. Whoever finishes second overall in the standings following this week’s action will take on Masters of the Hole.

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