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Small businesses and digital marketing during COVID-19

If you are a small business owner or non-profit, you could be considering putting aside your social media content and marketing strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing an economic impact.

While it is understandably not an easy time for anyone at the moment, you should be doing the opposite with your social media content and marketing strategies. It is not the time to go radio-silent, in fact, over communicating is almost always better. This is not to capitalize on the current environment, but to deal with the changing needs of your customers.

1. Movement of information

As we have found out during these trying times, information changes day-to-day, and at times hour-to-hour. Having a media agency or social media manager, whose job is to stay on top of breaking information and the ability to respond quickly and accurately to customer/client questions, is very important.

HEK Yeah Media can help you communicate how your business is adapting to change and unexpected challenges to your customers and followers through your social media channels and website.

This is a dynamic situation that will continue to evolve and having a social media manager can help you navigate what to say, and when, as well it will take the stress off of you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

2. Adapting your business to the situation

In this current environment with COVID-19 more people working from home. While we are all social distancing, we are more connected than ever online. Many businesses storefront locations are either shut down or running on reduced hours. If you haven’t already, it is a good time to have a media agency review your website and develop a digital-first strategy. Our content specialists can help you do this and stay on top of keeping engaged with your customers/clients by responding in a timely way to questions that are coming through your social channels.

3. Sharing your positive messages

Social media managers can help you connect with other small businesses in a positive way to support one another. Relaying positive messages through your content can bring hope and can reassure your customers/clients of the steps you are making to ensure their safety is top of mind. By choosing to not share any messages on social media (or your website) about the current state of the world or your community, it may appear that you are not engaged and ignoring what is going on. We are all in this battle together, and content specialists can help you tell the story of how you and your staff are getting through these unprecedented times personally and professionally.

If you want more tips or information on social media content and marketing strategy for your business or non-profit, connect with us at

Stay safe, healthy and look after one another.

Kristi Patton

Content Specialist and HEK Yeah Media partner

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